Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Is there anyone else who enjoys Sephora as much as I do? I do not know what it is, but the minute I walk in that store, my endorphins kick in! I truly enjoy it. I think this must be how the boy (my six year old) must feel when we go to Toys R Us.

Perusing the isles, being able to see all the colors and test anything you want, it's like Baskin Robbins for make up junkies. Whether or not I end up buying something or just looking, the result is the same. I leave with a smile on my face. All those brands in one place, it is truly a product lovers paradise.

I went with a friend last night and we must have walked the isles at least ten times and every time we found something new we didn't see the first time. And don't get me started on trying out everything! So the next time you are at the mall and feeling stressed stop into Sephora and browse. I dare you not to smile!