Tuesday, July 5, 2011

See, I saw this post and it caught my eye (brow)

This is not the deepest post you will ever read.
 (in fact, neither was my last one)

But I don't feel deep today.   I feel tired after the holiday weekend.
So having said that, this is about


I know, I know, Settle. Use your inside voice to contain the excitement!

I have always been obsessed with eyebrows.  Mine in particular.

But other peoples too.

I don't know why.  I get them tweezed and waxed and even had that
stringy thing done (not my favorite)  and I'm always on a search
looking for the best eyebrow products.

Anyway,  I said all that, to say this:

 I saw a post about eyebrows here
 and thought it was good!

Right now I am obsessing about the Benefit line of eyebrow goodies.

I had my eyebrows done recently at a Benefit beauty bar and it was the
 BEST eyebrow wax and shape I have ever had!
 I highly recommend them.

(Shout out to Meredith at Ulta in Fairlawn!)

What is your favorite eyebrow product?

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