Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Just thought you should know.

I took my son to dinner tonight. 
 It was just the two of us. 
 We had a very nice time eating
 and talking about his usual interests. 
 Star Wars, Lego's, Lego's that are
 Star Wars,  you get the picture. 

Anyway, when we got in the car
he was a unusually quiet.
  When I was getting ready to pull in my
driveway, he started to speak. 
 Now at this point, after being quiet,
 I thought he was going
to make a sweet statement,
as he has been known to do,
such as, thank you for taking me out
 to dinner or mention what a good time
 we had by ourselves on a "date"
at the restaurant or that we should
do it again next time daddy has to work. 

Comments like this usually come
after a little quiet reflection from him.

The following is what he said:

Boy- "Mom."

Mom-  "Yes honey."

Boy-  "I didn't poop at all yesterday,
 I just thought you should know."

Now you know too.

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