Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Cookie Exchange

I love cookies!  I love to dunk them in my coffee.  I love them when my friend M makes them with more icing than cookie!  I love soft ones and crunchy ones.  Ok, you get the point.

What I am not good at is making them.  I am a pretty decent baker but when it comes to cookies, I always seem to under or over cook them.  Usually the latter.  Probably it's because I am doing a million other things when I bake them and should really just concentrate on the cookies.

Anyway, I said all that to say, I have to go to a cookie exchange.  Six and a half dozen is the requirement.  This is enough to send my already, I haven't started anything for Christmas yet, panic into overdrive.  So I decided to take carmel chocolate covered pretzels instead.  Now my sometimes desire to "please" people and my "rule following issues" tell me that the other women at this brunch my not be pleased with this renegade attitude! 

What do you think?

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