Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Williams Sonoma I heart you!

I cannot believe another Christmas has come and gone.  I hope yours was filled with magic and fun and remembering the reason we celebrate.  The birthday of the King!

This Christmas the boy, kept asking about Gingerbread houses.  I thought I would escape this lovely yet DIFFICULT tradition since well, the boy is a boy.  Well, apparently gingerbread houses are not just for girls.  Of course this did not deter me in trying to redirect him everytime he brought it up.  Why you ask?  Well they are wonderful but frankly unless you have Martha Stewart and her staff, they are downright hard to make, bake, cutout etc.  Now I do try to be as Martha Stewart as much as humanly possible, but I did not want to take this task on. 

Cut to Christmas shopping at Williams Sonoma with my mom.  Right in front of us at the check out was the most adorable and could not be eaiser to put together gingerbread house kit ever!!!!!!  Grandma insisted we snatch it up.  I was still not sure, but it was so easy and never has a 6 year old had more fun with candy and frosting!  Mommy and daddy had fun too!  Not enough to make, bake and cut out from scratch next year, but enough to pay the cash and let Williams Sonoma do the hard stuff!

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