Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Birthday Blessings

One of my BFF's threw her daughter a birthday party today.

There was lots of pink! 
 There were tutu's hanging from the trees.

There were hats and gloves.

I think more people should wear gloves!

There was yummy food and drinks, lots of tulle, paper flowers,
a fashion show, face painting, bubbles, makeup and glittery jewelry.

Now the thing is, it wasn't just that my friend threw a wonderful
party for her daughter, it was that her and her mom and sister
blessed other little girls who may never have a dream party
 like this one.

  But that is what they do. 

They minister to people with their
home and crafts and cooking and baking. 

 They do it because they love Jesus. 

 And because they do it, these little girls love Jesus too!

And that is a reason to party!!!!!!



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  1. Ok, YOU are now my FAVORITE blog ever!!! The pics are beautiful. Your kind words bless my heart and make me cry! Thank you! Much love! M